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Casualty Park
Nov 1997 · 9 Tracks · 33:30 Min.

CD FMA 9705
UPC 684461097054

Crossover of progressive rock, electro pop and industrial. At some tracks you can hear the influence of Daniel Panasenko und Chuck Ehlis (Sandbox Trio). »Telepathy« is more experimental than the successor album Smoke.

1.Telepathy 4:31, 2.Spirit Box 2:53, 3.Little Secrets 3:05, 4.West Texas 4:23, 5.Killers 3:08, 6.Machines in the Congo 3:51, 7.I love a Parade 2:43, 8.Lonely Verbatim 4:47, 9.Cut throat 5:37;

Recorded 1995-1998 at PAS key studios, SPS Studios, Carmichael/CA/USA.
Mastered by Will Littlejohn at Wave Group, Santa Clara/CA/USA.
Produced and engineered by Aaron Kinney.
Executive producer Chris Pickett.
Artwork and photos by Mark/Leykam.
All songs written by Birke/Kinney, lyrics by Birke.
Photos by Paul Antilla.
Graphic design and artwork by Chuck Ehlis.

Martin Birke: drums, midi perc, keyb, sample-bass, voc.
Aaron Kinney: keyb, guit, programming, sampling.
Daniel Panasenko: e-bow guit, midi guit, PVC tube, sax, cehlis.
Chuck Ehlis: fretless bass, lap steel, thwackoleum, trumpet, PVC tube, sample loops.
Henrik Johannessen: classical and steel string>

more by Martin Birke and Aaron Kinney with their follow-on project GENRE PEAK at Bandcamp

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    Audio CD


... strange kind of minimal pop. British pop-coolness of the 80th and NY/European nervous jazz-avantgarde. crazy! (GITARRE&BASS 4/98)

... a kind of psychodelic avantgarde and progressive rock with distinct undertones. (ZILLO 4/98)

... strange, how US-american ambient arrangements can sound with a touch of Depeche Mode and David Sylvian. (INDIGO NOTES 4/98)

... ambient soundtrack - beautiful bizarre with a universal style. without competition. (GUIDE BERLIN 2/98)

... very remarkable with a lot of breaks and creative synthie-sounds. (SOUND.DE 4/98)

... they do not serve specific cliches and so it's simply good because of its originality. (AUF ABWEGEN 8/98)