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Frank Meyer
May 2016 · 10 Tracks · 60:09 Min.

CD FMA 1628
UPC 190394322595

With his solo album »Spuren« Frank Meyer created a very sensitive, personal and atmospherically dense instrumental album at first go. Intense music which seduces the listeners imagination and comes with a deep emotional impact.

1.Einzelkindträumereien 5:47, 2.Hinter geschlossenen Augen 3:44, 3.Klischee und Wirklichkeit 7:04, 4.Extrasystole 5:32, 5.Hirngespinnst 8:08, 6.Kopf kaputt, Herz verrückt 5:23, 7.Zyan 5:06, 8.Ein seltsames Wort 7:39, 9.Tiefenbohrung 6:29, 10.Fuge für Hoffnungsvolle 4:52;

Music recorded, mixed and mastered 2014/2015 in the studio of Frank Meyer.
Photos and Artwork by Frank Meyer.
4-sided Digipak.

Frank Meyer: acoustic and e-guitars, e-bass, diddley bow, several software synthesizers and samplers, Doepfer dark energy monophonic synthesizer, ukulele, flute, boomwhackers, field recordings, lemonade bottle, toys for cats.

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... really good and could be considered as one of the most interesting stylistic direction that a particular branch of the so-called psychedelic music could take ...

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I heard some of the stuff by Frank Meyer on some collaborative releases, coming from Frank Mark Arts (the very first time I saw its name was on the occasion of "Levitation", a good album he made together with Roman Leykam). This debut album better highlights his interesting sonic searching, focusing on a well-balanced mixture of ethereal music, krautrock, prog rock and an assortment of tricks often used by composers of music scores. Despite its internal homogeneity, you could hear some sparse resemblances in "Spuren". For instance, I'm pretty sure that many listeners of the wisely titled "Klischee Und Wirklichkeit" (German for "Cliche and reality") would match it to the notorious Yann Tiersen's soundtrack for the likewise famous movie Amelie (even if its well-forged electronic sounds could befit a possible futuristic version when the main character of this film would be 40 years older at least). Other ones will imagine that "Hinter geschlossenen Augen" (meaning "Behind closed eyes") could have been grabbed in the imaginary garden of Klaus Schultze while automatic nozzles were watering the Japanese hydrangea or tracks like "Ein seltsames Wort" (eng."A strange word") could let you think about a cover of some prog rock classic song by Boards Of Canada after a transplant of a robotic heart or that robots themselves can feel and translate into music something closer to human love-driven depression while listening to the graceful "Tiefenbohrung". Tracks like the lovely "Fuge für Hoffnungsvolle" (meaning "Fugue for hopeful") could let you imagine that the famous herdsman appearing in an old spot by Marlboro has a promising future or maybe is already active in one of the supposedly newly discovered Earth-like planets. Besides possible and more or less fictitious similarities, the sound that Frank forged in this album by means of an impressive set of instruments (including acoustic and electric guitars, an electric bass, a diddley bow, a plenty of software synths and samplers, a glorious Doepfer Dark Energy monophonic synthesizer, an ukulele, a flute, some boom whackers, some field recordings, some toys for cats and even a lemonade bottle!) is really good and could be considered as one of the most interesting stylistic direction that a particular branch of the so-called psychedelic music could take.
(CHAIN D.L.K. Feb 2017)

... The work is versatile and switching from reverie parts into pure experimentalism. ... »Spuren« is a rather successful solo-debut for Frank Meyer revealing a delicate side of experimentalism or is it just a visionary ambient producer? (Rate:(7), S.F., side-line 11/16)

Up to now already known as electronic producer, Frank Meyer now presents his solo album Spuren, a very sensitive, personal and atmospheric dense instrumental music. Assoziative meditative, relaxed flowing, samples, field recordings and as further instruments "lemonade bottle" and "toys for cats". Titles like "einzelkindträumereien", "hinter geschlossenen augen", "klischee und wirklichkeit", "tiefenbohrung" or "fuge für hoffnungsvolle" tell their own tale concerning the programmatic. Simply drift, hitch a ride and get surprised. (Doppelpunkt / Jürgen Parr - Doppelpunkt/Magazin für Kultur in Nürnberg - Fürth - Erlangen / Aug 2016)

... hint: relax and let the sounds affect. [6/8 points, review in 6/16]

... titles like Einzelkindträumereien, Extrasystole, Hirngespinnst or Tiefenbohrung convince and are deep and meaningful. digital Jazz-Magazine 6/16 by Joachim Holzt-Edelhagen.