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Casualty Park
Feb 1999 · 12 Tracks · 43:13 Min.

CD FMA 9810
UPC 684461098105

Demanding wave/pop, the follow-up of their album Telepathy. Peculiar sounds with surprising breaks and turns. A faszinating release with a lot of ideas, perfect realized by Aaron Kinney and Martin Birke.

1.Killjoy 3:22, 2.Lives in Trade 4:19, 3.Smoke 3:43, 4.Days of Desire 2:42, 5.Want for Nothing 2:52, 6.Fearless 1:59, 7.Come to the Sea 6:03, 8.A Fetish for Conflict 2:03, 9.Pray for Rain 4:34, 10.Somber Incision 3:46, 11.Ice 2:52, 12.Census 4:50;

Recorded 1995-1998 at PAS key studios, SPS Studios CA/USA.
Mastered by Will Littlejohn at Wave Group.
Produced and engineered by Aaron Kinney.
Executive producer Chris Pickett. Artwork and photos by Mark/Leykam.
All songs written by Birke/Kinney, lyrics by Birke.
Photos by Lean Hutton and Martin Birke.
Graphic design and artwork by Chuck Ehlis.

Martin Birke: drums, midi perc, keyb, voc.
Aaron Kinney: keyb, guit, programming, samples.
Daniel Panasenko: guit, midi guit, bass, sax.
Tony Passarell: sax.
Craig Wheeler: guit.

more by Martin Birke and Aaron Kinney with their follow-on project GENRE PEAK at Bandcamp

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-   Martin Birke im Musikmagazin InMusic

... their songs are relaxed, not boring, but extremely exciting ... intelligent wave from the US. (SONIC SEDUCER 3/99)

... special mixture of good old wave atmosphere with an exploring modern pop sound ... a very open minded approach of melodic music that's maybe not cliché enough to please the average listener. (SIDE LINE 3/99)

... hymnal voice flow, lively synth beats and Martin's wonderful voice for friends of intelligent minimal electronic dark. (INMUSIC 6/99)

... a beautiful soothing piece of music, which fills the audience with enthusiasm because of its permanent merging of melodies and samples. (FATAL UNDERGROUND 4/99)

... will not only fill fans of Depeche Mode with enthusiasm, but also captivates with its technical perfection, which shows their knowledge how to handle computer and synths. 12 songs, which offer absolutely high level synth pop. I take my hat off! (EXPULS 7/99)