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Roman Leykam | Frank Mark
»The Detection of Slowness«
Feb 2016 · 14 Tracks · 73:58 Min.

DVD FMA 1501
UPC 889211678907

»The Detection of Slowness« represents the first music-film-project by Roman Leykam and Frank Mark. Through the interaction of image and sound they give the listener the possibility to rediscover the uplifting power of serenity and the ability to ease. Break from everyday life, return and resisting the urge for 'faster' and 'better' form the context of the oeuvre.

part 1 ... part 14:
[1] 5:30 [2] 6:06 [3] 4:11 [4] 4:57 [5] 2:51 [6] 5:55 [7] 4:38 [8] 5:28 [9] 5:34 [10] 6:09 [11] 5:09 [12] 5:23 [13] 4:54 [14] 6:19;

Music recorded and mixed 2013/2014 in the studio of Roman Leykam.
Filmed by Frank Mark and Roman Leykam.
Photos by Roman Leykam.
Artwork by Frank Mark and Roman Leykam.
Premastered 2014/2015 in the studio of Frank Mark.
Final mastering 2015 by Frank Meyer.
6-sided "Digisleeve".

Roman Leykam: electric guitars, guitar synths.
Frank Mark: voice samples (part1 and part10).

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... The music reveals an ambient voyage, which is mainly constructed by guitar. Roman Leykam has this power to add a kind of emotion into his composition. Together with the images, which are dealing with an immense water and ocean view, the music brings visions of endless spaces alive. It all sounds very prospered and filled with mysteries. ... This work reveals the complementarity between music and visuals. Both elements and artistic arts reinforce the global ambient approach of the concept. ... The sound and images-formula becomes a bit repetitive after a while. The visuals are pretty similar and you rapidly experience a déjà-vu effect. ... It all looks pretty experimental and minimal-like, but it definitely is one of the most accomplished releases from the Frank Mark Arts roster. Best songs: "Part 3", "Part 2", "Part 10".
Rate: (7½). (SIDE-LINE music magazine Aug 2016)

... presented in the magazine digitale Jazz-Zeitung 06/2016 by Joachim Holzt-Edelhagen.

Ambient, made from guitar and other real instruments + some reduced synths with the slightly filtered pictures of icy landscapes and water. Too slow for me. I fall asleep when watching this. The music is fine. club|debil - Dresden Industrial Underground Collective 04/2016.