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Roman Leykam | Frank Mark
Jan 1995 · 13 Tracks · 61:33 Min.

CD FMA 9402

Sound sculptures from the fringe area of 'ambient music' with an experimental touch. An expedition to mystic-transcendent soundscapes. The second release of guitarist Roman Leykam and synth/keyboarder Frank Mark.

1.The Certitude of Calmness 4:03, 2.Inside and Outside of Doors 4:52, 3.Inspired with Yearning 8:30, 4.Chill 2:30, 5.Devils in Heaven 2:44, 6.Standing Wind 6:10, 7.Get to the Core 4:48, 8.Beyond the Point 3:45, 9.Transitoriness of Origin 5:49, 10.Retired Symbols 4:20, 11.Brighten 8:49, 12.Cries in Changing Borders 2:32;

Recorded between 1992/1994 in the studios of Roman Leykam and Frank Mark.
except tracks 2, 10 and 13: recorded at Sky Studio (Taufkirchen/Germany).
Mixed at schall und rauch Studio (Munich/Germany).
except tracks 2, 10 and 13 mixed at Sky Studio.
except track 8 mixed at the Studio of Frank Mark.
Mastered at Soundfabrik (Munich/Germany) by Peter Lübke.

Roman Leykam: electric guitars, guit synths, guit treatments, guit loops.
Frank Mark: synths, piano, samples, sampled perc, programming.

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... they develope further their own particular variant on Fripp/Eno's supersonic music style. They use guitar and electronics to creatre a series of sonic sculptures which explore the fringes of ambient sound. (EUROCK 11/94)

... those who prefer setting off on a voyage of discovery through mystical and transcendental soundscapes will quickly realize - to their surprise - that New Age does not necessarily have to be boring. Just what you need for earphone listening on a long winter evening. Turn on the cinema in your head. Let your imagination run wild! (FRANKEN FORUM 2/95)

... unorthodox, avant-garde and mystical soundscapes arise that defy categorization. Parallels can perhaps be drawn to their spiritual and sound related forerunners, David Sylvian, Brian Eno or even Harold Budd. (DOPPELPUNKT 2/95)

... whoever enters this strange sound world will discover a new dimension. (GITARRE & BASS 3/95)

... mysterious, exotic, hypnotic, both close and displeasing. (AMÖBENKLANG 7/99)


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1. The Certitude of Calmness

Roman Leykam: rhythm guit loop, guit synth
Frank Mark: synths

2. Inside and out of Doors

Roman Leykam: guit treatments, electric guit
Frank Mark: synths, synth-piano, sampled perc

3. Inspired with Yearning

Roman Leykam: electric guit
Frank Mark: synths

4. Chill

Roman Leykam: electric guit, guit treatments & synths
Frank Mark: synths

5. Devils in Heaven

Roman Leykam: electric guit, guit treatments & synths
Frank Mark: synths, synth-piano, sampled perc

6. Standing Wind

Roman Leykam: guit atmospherics, guit treatments, fuzz guit
Frank Mark: synths, sampled perc

7. Get to the Core

Roman Leykam: perc guit loop, synth oboe guit
Frank Mark: synths, tapes/samples

8. Gone thru Smoke

Frank Mark: synths, synth-piano

9. Beyond the Point

Roman Leykam: electric guit, guit treatments
Frank Mark: synths, sampled perc, tapes/samples

10. Transitoriness of Origin

Roman Leykam: electric guit

11. Retired Symbols

Roman Leykam: synth wah wah guit, synth guit treatments
Frank Mark: synths, sampled perc, tapes/samples, fretless bass

12. Brighten

Roman Leykam: guit treatments
Frank Mark: synths

13. Cries in changing Borders

Roman Leykam: looped guit treatments
Frank Mark: synths, synth-piano, tapes/samples