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Roman Leykam | Frank Mark
»Instant Influx«
Dec 1997 · 7 Tracks · 59:42 Min.

CD FMA 9706
UPC 684461097061

At their instrumental album »INSTANT INFLUX« Leykam and Mark try to convey their emotions spontaneously in an unconventional way, enticing the listener into new worlds of sound. Most of the album was recorded in the studios of Leykam and Mark during live sessions - created from sudden momentary impulses. Captured moments turned into a sensitive musical experience. Several tracks of this album were also performed at the 'German Tour 98' - Munich, Erlangen, Aschaffenburg, Berlin and Bochum.

1.Affect the Senses 5:48, 2.Scenes Inside the Concealment 6:18, 3.Swaying Leaves 3:08, 4.Voices on Waves 9:10, 5.Remembrance 3:26, 6.Vacuum 6:11, 7.Unmeasured 25:36;

Recorded, mixed and mastered 1996/97 in the studios of Roman Leykam and Frank Mark.
Track 2, Scenes inside the Concealment, recorded live by Peter Lübke at Nov 09 1996 in Monteith Barracks, Fürth (Germany).
Track 6, Vacuum, recorded at Nov 17 1995 at Enharmonic Studios, Sacramento (USA) by Christian Heilman and Nov 1997 in the studios of Roman Leykam and Frank Mark.

Roman Leykam: electric guit, guit synths, guit treatments, guit loops.
Frank Mark: synths, shortwaves, tapes, sampled perc.

At track 'Vacuum': Daniel Panasenko (perc, pvc saxophone), Chuck Ehlis (lap steel, tape loops), Martin Birke (drum sequence, hand drums, metal can), Roman Leykam (electric guit, guit synths), Frank Mark (words, piano, fretless bass).

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... guitars and synthesizers determine the unique world of sound of Leykam/Mark. The album of Leykam/Mark will become sought after for collectors. (GITARRE & BASS 4/98)

... Instant Influx is soundtrack, is extensive ambient, ist pleasant new age. (ORKUS 5/98)

... hardly catchable soundscapes, which seem to be from a different world. (LOOP 5/98)

... instead to indulge oneself in spheres and sequences, Leykam/Mark make music with the spirit of experiments and spontaneous improvisation. (KEYBOARDS 4/98)

... an unusual album which knows how to captivate its listeners with wild but spartan arrangements regarding the choice of means. (BLACK 4/98)

... strange blend of harmonic soundscapes and bewildering sounds. Tracks of exceptional beauty and absolute soothing effect. (EQUINOXE 7/98)