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Roman Leykam | Frank Mark
»extreme colours«
Feb 1996 · 9 Tracks · 36:47 Min.

CD FMA 9503

A counterpart of the more calm ambient releases by Leykam/Mark. "... apocalyptic appearing sound collages, end time inspired, cutting-sawing direful guitar improvisations, complex bizarre archaic soundscapes, which mostly proclaim brute destructive elemental force." (Kulturmagazin DOPPELPUNKT 4/96)

1.antagonized gold 1:00, 2.stirring dance 3:19, 3.dip in 4:10, 4.fading turquoise 2:11, 5.ticket for titanics 5:28, 6.bright white 2:02, 7.get out of hand 4:39, 8.scathing yellow 1:44, 9.burnt red 5:45;

Recorded 1995 in the studios of Roman Leykam and Frank Mark.
Mixed and mastered at Sound Fabrik (Munich/Germany) by Peter Lübke.
Front cover painting by Manfred Neupert
Photos by Roman Leykam

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... it's not musical fastfood what we get with extreme colours. Leykam/Mark don't make it easy for themselves and their listeners with their collages of synthetic sounds, mutations of e-guitar, piano, voices and various noise tapes. (EXPULS 4/96)

... the elongated ethereal guitar excursions melt into dense waves of synthetics creating a surreal blend of tone colours and spatial textures that hint at Michael Brook perhaps, but has a much more experimental ambience. Rooted in Fripp and Eno this german duo plays with more fire. (EUROCK 8/96)

... hurts, bewitches, dazes the senses. This album is harder, more unpredictable and even more bizarre. (AMÖBENKLANG 7/99)


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1. Antagonized Gold

Roman Leykam: guit loop

2. Stirring Dance

Roman Leykam: voodo guit, guit synth & treatments
Frank Mark: synths

3. Dip In

Roman Leykam: guit loop
Frank Mark: tapes/samples

4. Fading Turquoise

Roman Leykam: guit loop

5. Ticket for Titanics

Roman Leykam: electric guit, guit treatments
Frank Mark: synths, sampled perc

6. Bright White

Roman Leykam: looped guit treatments

7. Get out of Hand

Roman Leykam: rhythm guit loop, electric guit, guit treatments
Frank Mark: synth-sax, samples

8. Scathing Yellow

Roman Leykam: electric guit

9. Burnt Red

Roman Leykam: guit loop, guit treatments, electric guit
Frank Mark: synth, sampled perc, fretless bass, words

hidden appendix

Roman Leykam: electric guit